Welcome to Torquepoint

Torquepoint's consulting business provides your organisation with competitive leverage through the use of techniques that have been proven to be effective in war, politics and business. We are the Australasian region's specialist Business War Game designers. Business War Games are also known as Course of Action Analyses or Outcome Simulations. We are also New Zealand's leading provider of training in political lobbying in the New Zealand environment and many multinational and national companies have used our LobbyTorque experiential learning programme to further their understanding of NZ politics.

Our methods tackle strategic planning fatigue and workforce disengagement through disrupting conventional thinking and plannning. Realistic scenarios encourage the exploration of ideas that will gain creative leverage for your organisation. All this is specifically designed to provide you with the element of surprise over your competition.

We're the people to talk to if you're frustrated in implementing your plan or want to start afresh with your thinking.

Torquepoint re-ignites the "game of work": to open our minds, to look for the best way forward, to find the solutions for success. At Torquepoint, we call this 'Game On!'