Our consulting services are strategic in nature and cover three main areas: Reputational Risk, Relationships (external to your organisation) and Resilience (staff and culture).

Our method is our competitive advantage. We are specialists in the gamification of work and always encourage clients to take a risk and engage with problems using our less orthodox but highly effective techniques.

Torquepoint's premiere service is the design and conduct of business war games. Adapted from the military, this technique enables plans at any level to be developed or tested using a 'Red Force' of players who act for, with or against a client's team of executives. They fulfil a range of roles including that of customer, competitor, government regulator or media. We have created the Black Swans in order to provide skilled, trained players for these war games. There are separate pages on this site for both business war gaming and the Black Swans.

We also use simulations to provide personal and professional development. These Experiential Learning programmes - or 'ELPs as we call them are a superb way for adults to learn by doing instead of just being bombarded with theory. The range of topics is diverse and includes boards and governance, political lobbying, strategy, performance management, contract negotiations, leadership, media management and a whole lot more. There's a separate page about how we can 'ELP you on this site.