The Torquepoint team is led by Dr Simon Ewing-Jarvie (Chief Disruption Officer) and Hon Heather Roy (Chief Engagement Officer).

He has a PhD in business and managed to survive 25 years in the New Zealand Defence Force including 2 excellent overseas war games supervised by the UN et al. He has done some serious 'suit time' as a corporate dweller and business consultant and has dabbled (with mixed results) in politics.

See Simon's LinkedIn profile for all the detail (don't forget to connect with his network!) or download his resume.

She needed more challenge than raising 5 children and being a Member of Parliament so she joined the Army Reserve as a field engineer. Then she became a Government Minister. Now she's a professional director and our Chief Engagement Officer and also hopes to get better at fishing (soon).

Heather also has a detailed LinkedIn profile or you can download her resume.