Plan – Test – Execute – Prevail.

No plan survives first contact with the market. Testing strategy to counter this is crucial because most organisations are notoriously lacking in objectivity about their own weaknesses and threats. TorquePoint works with clients to plan and test strategy using business simulations. Our results produce resilient organisations able to adapt to and prevail under conditions that threaten others.

TorquePoint clients are able to draw on our unique fusion of commercial and political experience, military planning techniques and the latest thinking in disruptive strategy. This includes a comprehensive analysis of competitors and the environment, development of appropriate plans and, most importantly, testing those plans using
tools rarely seen in the corporate world. The lessons learned provide a solid launch platform for achieving your organisational goals.

Here’s a paper that describes the business simulation (business war-gaming) process in more detail – TorquePoint Torque-About Series – #1 Overview of Business War Gaming


While outcome simulations / business war games are a relatively recent addition to the flow of management techniques from the military to the organisational world, they are an exciting development. In use widely in the United States and Europe, they are less common in New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific area.

They can be designed to fit your specific needs in terms of planning and testing and are a powerful tool for combatting strategic planning fatigue and improving staff engagement. It doesn’t have to be a strategy either – you can war game anything from simple negotiations and projects through to free-flowing, multi-player market simulations. It’s meaningful fun with real outcomes and insights that are rarely gained in traditional planning processes.

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