Experiential Learning Programmes are learning simulations – they are great fun with a serious purpose, providing real learning and engaged staff. The best known of ours is LobbyTorque – effective political lobbying in New Zealand.

Based on the knowledge that adults learn best by doing rather than seeing or hearing, our programmes take participants straight into a sequence of subject-relevant simulations that are designed specifically to fit your organisation or industry group. The most common feedback we get is that a session was too short or that people didn’t want it to end!

Imagine arriving at the venue in plenty of time to grab a coffee and say hello to other course attendees. As you walk in, a TorquePoint facilitator hands you an envelope and advises you that you need to read the enclosed scenario and be prepared to enter the simulation in 10 minutes. Our programmes involve full-on, experiential learning from the moment you arrive through to the end of the session. Our style is different and most thrive as a result of the experience.

T20 Simulation May 2018 - Media Team
Participants working as a media team during a recent business simulation post “Breaking News” for all to see.

TorquePoint experiential learning programmes are made to measure and cover a diverse range of topics including boards and governance, political lobbying, strategy, performance management, contract negotiations, leadership, media management, risk and reputation, relationships with stakeholders, organisational resilience and a whole lot more!

If you’ve got a topic in mind, why not talk to us about creating your own experiential learning programme? We want to spread the fun and that’s why we also invite clients to have some of their staff join us in the development, delivery and review of their experiential learning programmes. Over time, you will be able to develop your own simulations and potentially hire out your own talent to manage experiential learning programmes for other organisations.