We’ve just finished a LobbyTorque public course. The next LobbyTorque date is not yet confirmed but you can request we let you know when it’s scheduled. Please use the Contacts page.

What is LobbyTorque?

LobbyTorque is TorquePoint’s flagship experiential learning programme. It is a full-day immersion in the art of effective political lobbying in New Zealand. Our experiential learning programme will guide you, as a member of a team, through a range of real life simulations relating to lobbying at a variety of levels.

After a day of LobbyTorque you will know who to contact, when and where, how to go about it and what you should be talking about. Your head will be spinning with ideas from simulations designed especially for your business, organisation or industry. If you’re looking for a quiet day out of the office, LobbyTorque probably isn’t for you – this is a day packed with interactive challenge, learning and fun. Anyone can lobby – only a few lobby effectively – and we will show you how.

LobbyTorque Jigsaw Graphic - TorquePoint Effective Political Lobbying in New Zealand Experiential Learning Programme

What is Unique about LobbyTorque?

Our principal point of difference is that, in the great Kiwi DIY tradition, we teach you how to do your own lobbying.

At TorquePoint, our role is to arm you with the ability to tell your story, to influence those best placed to facilitate change. We won’t do your lobbying for you. Why?  The best person to sell your message with passion is you!

We are specialists in the simulation-based learning. We consult and teach using experiential learning methods because we believe that this is the most effective way for adults to achieve positive results. It’s intense but fun. The entire focus of LobbyTorque is to transfer the capability to lobby into the hands of the individuals and organisations that seek our assistance. The most important thing is to get your case heard, supported and acted on.

Once you know the basics of lobbying, we can also help with tailoring your specific messages, providing a sounding board for your plans and mentoring you through the process of achieving your aims.

What’s in the Programme?

There’s lots of talk in lobbying but effective lobbying that convinces others is all about torque – gaining creative leverage for your organisation or cause. Here’s what our experiential learning programme involves…

  • Learn about the political spectrum and the right approach for dealing with different sectors within it.
  • Explore the passage of ideas into law and determine where in that process you can gain maximum leverage for your message.
  • Scope a profiling campaign to achieve your assigned goals.
  • Meet with a politician and their staff in order to win their support for your cause.
  • Plan a written submission and also make an oral submission to a Select Committee or local body consultation.
  • Examine the basic principles of successful media engagement and write a media release.
  • Attend a media conference and ask questions of the Minister, Mayor or other official who is making an announcement.
  • Observe and assess a media interview at ‘close-up and personal’ range.
  • See how to use informal lobbying opportunities to best advantage.

We are progressively posting some of the knowledge content online. Here’s an example:


If it isn’t answered here, please get in touch with us…

How often is LobbyTorque run?
Public courses are run 3-4 times per year.
Usually Wellington and Auckland for public courses but if there’s enough interest, we will run them anywhere.
Can you run an in-house version?
Absolutely! This gives us the opportunity to fine tune the simulation to your organisation’s needs.
How much?
Public courses are $895 (excl) per person. In- house courses are quoted separately. Give us a call!
Who are the facilitators?
Hon Heather Roy and Dr Simon Ewing-Jarvie. Resumes are on this website or see LinkedIn for more detail. We also employ a well known and highly experienced media facilitator for those aspects of the programme. This person varies from city to city.