Performance management is the systematic application of tools and techniques in order to set expectations, maintain performance, develop and reward individuals. These techniques have been split into two separate programmes.

PerformanceTorque 1 – Set Expectations

This one-day experiential learning programme is designed to partner with PerformanceTorque 2 to provide attendees with a full skillset. Day 1 includes:

  • Asking great questions and listening for meaning
  • Identifying key result areas and key performance indicators for staff
  • Writing goals and objectives for yourself, staff and teams
  • Assigning resources (budget to plan) and aligning goals within and between teams
  • Simple performance management – positive and negative feedback

PerformanceTorque 2 – Review, Develop and Reward

The second (one-day) part of the performance management annual cycle includes:

  • Performance assessment and review
  • Personal development planning
  • Managing poor performance
  • Reward and remuneration
  •  Identifying lessons learned to feed back into the business planning cycle